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FAQ fine line tattoo


How do I book ?

We ask that clients fill out the tattoo request form.  This gives us the information that we need to decide on appointment length required as well as start a good line of communication with the client about their ideas. 


Do you tattoo hands, or faces ??  


Hands yes.  But only Kristin will tattoo fingers.  

Faces, sorry no. 


Do you Tattoo minors ? 


No. sorry.

Can I get more than one tattoo in a session ?

Yes.  After you submit your form we can get you the proper appointment length booked for the tattoos you are wanting to get done.


Does it hurt ?

While pain is subjective and every spot varies, we find most clients are surprised how little pain they feel with fine line tattoos.  

Can I use numbing cream before I come ?

NO.  You will be sent home with no tattoo and a bill for the missed appointment.  Numbing cream changes the texture of your skin and makes it incredibly difficult to create uniform lines that heal well.    

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