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FAQ cosmetic tattoo


What is Cosmetic Tattoo?


Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as Permanent Cosmetics, or permanent makeup.

Cosmetic Tattooing is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves the controlled insertion of pigment to the Dermis layer of the skin.  The placement of pigment is done using a machine powered hand piece similar in size to a pen, with a Nano needle.  This is a safe and effective way to create fuller natural looking eyebrows, stunning eyeliner, and blushed lips.  

Is it different than a regular body tattoo?

Yes.  Cosmetic Tattoos use pigment, unlike traditional body tattoos that use ink.  

Our industry uses pigment for several reasons... pigments are designed specifically to match skin tones and to fade slowly and naturally over time(2-3 years).  

Fade??  Yes.  Cosmetic Tattoos will fade. This is a good thing!  As we age, our face shape can change and the fading of the pigment allows us to make changes to shape or color of your Brows to suit your face and desired look.


Does it Hurt ??  


Lucky you... 90% of my clients feel little to no discomfort.

 I apply a topical numbing cream to the area prior to starting, and use a secondary numbing gel as I work to keep you comfortable.  With no pain, and the option to heat the bed under you... I have had a few clients even take

a lil Beauty nap.


How long does it last ? 


Brows, Lips and Eyeliner have varied longevity.  After care of your tattoo, skin tone and skin type, sun exposure and the use of anti-aging skin care products are all contributing factors in the longevity of your tattoo.  

That being said, typically you can expect 2-3 years from your Brow Tattoo, 1-2 years for a Lashline Enhancement due to their delicate nature, and 3-5 years for Lip Blush Tattoo.   

Some clients choose to do a Color refresher after a year or so and the cost of this (if your tattoo was done by me) is $150. Most, but not all skin types will fully retain all the pigment in 2 sessions.  Additional sessions needed are $75.   

What is Microblading and why is it different?

Microblading uses a hand tool with several sharp needles in a tight formation making a blade.  This hand tool is then dipped in pigment and used to create small slices in the skin making the appearance of a hair.  

This, in my opinion is incredibly primitive technology.  The depth of slice made by the the blade is dependant on hand pressure of your technician.  This not only can lead to scaring, but you run the risk of the pigment being implanted into the wrong layer of the skin.  This is what gives it that muddled grey tone, and when the pigment fades you can be left with pink scars making it appear as though you have red toned eyebrows.  I'm sure you have seen both of these unfortunate circumstances if you pay attention to peoples eyebrows.  The other risk associated is hair follicle damage.  Once damaged there is a real risk of

them never producing a hair again. This is the exact opposite effect anyone wanting fuller looking brows is after! 

I have seen the very frequent consequences of microblading way too often.  Clients with no color retention, scars and discoloured brows.  I am an advocate of people being educated on the artist they choose and the method that artist uses.


How do I know which style to choose ?

You don't!  With my ability to create hair like strokes (known as Hairstroke or Nano Brows), Shading and a make up like Powder effect (known as Powder brows or Ombre Brows), or a Combination of the two, Cosmetic Tattoo allows you to have the eyebrows you have always wanted with no risk of scaring.  

Will I have big black eyebrows ?


No.  My style of brow as shown in my portfolio, is very natural. 

Pigment color, brow design and technique are chosen completely custom to you.  Together we will make these decisions based on your skin tone, skin type, face shape and desired results.  

I tend to go fairly conservative with color darkness and design for your first appointment.  I aim to get you comfortable with having color and shape on your face, as apposed to having clients leave feeling like they have noticeably darker and bolder eyebrows.  If you want it darker and bolder once your touch up appointment comes around we have room to make those changes.  Better subtle and safe in my opinion.  


What is a Lash Line Enhancement ?


We tattoo in-between the natural lashes to create fuller looking lashes and give your eyes an opening, bright pop.  It is a very soft and natural look but you will wakeup looking younger and more refreshed.  Lash Line Enhancements can be done on the top and or the bottom. 

Lash line Enhancement is a very subtle and natural look.  


What is Lip Blush ?

Lip Blush is a Gorgeous way to add the appearance of fullness to your lips.  As we age the pigment on the border of our lips tends to fade, making lips appear thinner than they actually are.  By giving the lips a more uniform color all the way to the boarders or even an ombre effect, and structuring the cupids bow, you increase the 

appearance of lip fullness.  This is not filler, however the tattoo can stimulate collagen production, and may naturally plump lips.

Lip Blush tattoos last 3-5 years.  

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