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 "Real talk for a moment. For all of my 27 years I have never felt 100% comfortable in my natural skin, I absolutely hated how my natural brows (or complete lack of) looked, because of this insecurity I spent the most of 10 years penciling them in daily. Worrying about what they looked like, obsessing over them.  It became norm to get up early just to draw them on.  Discovering Kristin was a serious blessing, I swear.  I watched Kristins work for months as she helped ease other women's insecurities and boost their confidence and comfortability in their own skin simply with her tattooing, I knew I had found the perfect person for the job.  

My first appointment with Kristin I was incredibly nervous, I had made the huge decision to tattoo them and my future brows were resting in the hands of one person I've never met.  However it was quickly apparent Kristin was incredibly well trained and super knowledgeable, she quickly put my fears to rest.  Words cannot describe the happiness I feel and the appreciation I have for Kristin. If anyone is looking to get any permanent cosmetics done I would HIGHLY recommend Kristin!




"Got so many great compliments after I had my lash lift and tint done, I went the last month of summer make-up free because of the Beautiful work!  110% Recommend.




"Highly recommend Elysian & Luxe!  Kristin has done my Lip and Brow Tattoos and lash lifts.  Not only is she warm, inviting, professional and highly skilled, she is a true artist.  Her eye for detail is amazing.  Mornings are so much easier not having to worry about makeup!!  Thank you Kristin!"


"Very pleased with the results of my lip blush and powder brows that Kristin did.  I would highly recommend her and going with powder brows over microblading for eyebrow work.  Her studio is clean and professional."


"Such a good experience, love how my Brows turned out and especially love all the time that I am saving.  Kristin is very professional, shows great attention to detail and goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are completley satisfied.  Highly recommend her! 


" I recently had my bottom eyeliner tattooed by Kristin and I am so happy she convinced me to do it!  I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to have it done.  It turned out so beautiful and I am always receiving compliments on my eyes now.  The eyeliner is subtle but allows me to feel like I can just wake up and walk out the door without needing makeup.  I will forever be a customer for this service.  Kristin is knowledgeable about the services she provides and answered all my questions.  Her space is Beautiful and clean and I would recommend her to anyone. Xo"



"Kristin is amazing!! Highly recommend for all your permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattoo needs. Brows, Eyeliner, Lips!"



"Kristin is the BEST EVER!  She does amazing work, making me look my best 🥰"


" Highly recommend Elysian & Luxe!  Kristin was very professional and went the extra mile to make the experience as best as possible with great attention to detail.  I couldn't be happier with the look and the amount of time saved by having my brows done.  Makes me look more complete and am loving the amount of compliments!


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