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Lash Line Enhancement

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 275 Canadian dollars
  • The Studio by Elysian & Luxe

Service Description

Make your eyes pop with an Eyeliner Tattoo! Lash Line Enhancement fills in just the area between your lashes making your eyes look brighter and your lashes look fuller. It is a very natural look but you will love getting to wake up looking gorgeous and ready. Eyeliner tattoos are perfect for anyone that likes a low maintenance beauty routine, or anyone with vision or mobility issues. Your Cosmetic Tattoo appointment will take around 2 hours. Before the procedure, your Cosmetic Tattoo Artist will have you fill out some paperwork and walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Then the area to be worked on is cleaned, and a topical numbing cream applied. While this sits on for 20 min you will be offered a complimentary hand and arm massage. Depending on area being worked on, the duration of the tattoo itself will be between 30min to and hour. A secondary topical numbing gel will be applied during your tattoo procedure to ensure that you are kept comfortable. Some clients even relax enough to have a little beauty nap! So now that you have all the facts... the only question left on your mind should be, why didn't you do this sooner! Every Cosmetic Tattoo requires a touch up at 4-6 week after your initial appointment. This appointment is crucial to ensure proper pigment implantation and adds to the longevity of your tattoo. Price of cosmetic tattoos are split into two payments, the initial procedure ($275) and the touch up appointment ($150). Some client chose to do annual color refreshers to maintain color and shape as well as add to the longevity of the tattoo. The cost of this is $150.

Contact Details

  • 101-4927 50 Ave, Lacombe, AB, Canada

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