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Brow Tattoo

Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

  • 2 hr
  • 475 Canadian dollars
  • The Studio by Elysian & Luxe

Service Description

Let us save you time in the morning and ease any worry about sweating off your brows at the gym! You will wake up every morning with Brows perfectly symmetrical, and structured to suit your face! Look younger, feel great and its completely effortless, everyday. We offer Nano Hair stroke, Powder Brows, and Combo Brows. With these techniques we are able to give you the most natural looking Brows. Your appointment will take around 2 hours. Before the procedure, you will fill out some paperwork and I will walk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Then the area to be worked on is cleaned, and a topical numbing cream applied. While this sits on for 20 min you will be offered a beverage, and a complimentary hand and arm massage. This also allows time to discuss color, shape and method with your artist. Once the numbing has taken effect and you have a plan for your cosmetic tattoo, we will draw it on as discussed, using the pigment color we have chosen. The tattoo does not start until you and I are 100% happy. Now that you have a perfect outline for your procedure you will lay back on the procedure bed that can be heated for added comfort, and your tattoo can begin. Depending on area being worked on, the duration of the tattoo itself will be between 30min to and hour. A secondary topical numbing gel will be applied during your tattoo procedure to ensure that you are kept comfortable. Some clients even relax enough to have a little beauty nap! Often times you can expect the treatment area to be blanched from the numbing, surrounded by redness. This is normal and will fade in an hour or two. And though you can expect your tattoo to appear darker and bolder the first day, you will be fine to carry on with your days plans with no worry. So now that you have all the facts... the only question left on your mind should be, why didn't you do this sooner! Every Cosmetic Tattoo requires a touch up appointment that is scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. The cost of Brow tattoo is split into initial appointment fee and touch up fee. Kristin 's Initial is $475 with $150 touch up Mandys Initial is $400 with $150 touch up Brows Tattoo lasts roughly 2-3 years with some clients choosing to do annual color refreshers to keep it looking fresh. The cost of an annual color refresher is $150-250

Contact Details

  • 101-4927 50 Ave, Lacombe, AB, Canada

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